Get Slim, Get Green!

After tremendous studies and tests, green tea has been very popular not just with very good medicinal treats but also beneficial in successfully rejuvenating oneself through the outside appearance, just like the oil pulling. Apart from reducing the chance of getting into any cancer type, walking away from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease and biting the life taking diabetes, green tea has been popularly known in reducing and controlling weight through constant intake. This however is not as significant as other tea (Wulong – tea between black and green); this only goes as a support and not the main course per se, thus intakes and details must be reconsidered before jumping into anything that considerably involves your health.

Green tea has enzymes that improve burning calories. It also boosts metabolism, however it only boost metabolic rate at a short period of time thus it is a must that the tea is continuously taken. It heightens energy level and the Intake of it also prevents glucose build up, this more likely will put you in a very good position of not being obese.

Alongside with the reduction of cholesterol, green tea is known to reduce fats in the bloodstream (or also known as fat oxidation). Studies also show that while constantly taking it, you have lesser appetite in eating, thus suppressing your eagerness in taking solid. It also removes toxins and detoxifies your body through constant bowel movements that cleans colon walls and other areas that this will pass through.

It is always advisable that if you are to use green tea primarily for losing weight that you tie up exercise and constant work out. There was never a food or medicine that can give you your desire hourglass figure without working out. If you did lose weight by just sitting down more likely there will be loads of skin hanging from every part of your body and at the end of the day, it will definitely look like blanket all wrapped over your body. You will still need to go and find your way out in losing excess skin so better exercise while taking teas or the other way around, in that manner you will not have to worry about the remedy for any problems afterwards. You may also want to try and skip too much sugar, no brainer; drinking loads of tea wouldn’t take any effect on anyone who eats too much calories and sugar. Everything will be of no sense if you will counter your healing, detoxifying and slimming goal.

As with this particular article you are reading let me just remind you what has to be properly done. Do not over drink tea as it might place you in oxidative stress and worse case could be liver toxicity. Symptoms that you might need to slow down in taking it in would be, excessive urination, diarrhea and stomach cramps. Once you noticed falling into any of these, you might want to just minimize or decrease your intake. In the first place, anything that is taken in excess is always bad.